Vung Tau Marina restaurant specializes in organizing weddings, events, festivals, serving groups,...

Nothing is more wonderful when visitors enjoy delicious food and beverage at Vung Tau Marina – where has a beautiful, airy, fresh green space, convenient traffic and parking space,... will make you feel comfortable, peaceful and romantic.

The dishes and beverage are made by talented and skilful chefs and professional concoctions, with deep understanding of vietnamese and international cuisine. Raw materials for food processing are fresh and clean and certified to ensure food safety and health for customers. Moreover, we are working towards a new level of cuisine and entertainment so that customers can feel perfectly secure when enjoying delicious dishes here.

Other services

Vung Tau Marina is the ideal location for shooting couples, romantic scenes with yachts, sailing boats combined with charming sea mountains.
Have you ever experienced the feeling of floating on a poetic river bay with colorful catamaran boats and dropping your soul into the clouds of the water?
This is the first tourist wharf in Vung Tau City, which is the place to anchor yachts, cruise ships, passenger ships, high-speed canoes, ...
Imagine the feeling of wandering on Song Dinh Bay at sunrise or sunset for fishing, anchoring to the beach, enjoying snacks ... Nothing found in this section