Pearl Island tourist area
This is the first tourist wharf in Vung Tau City, which is the place to anchor yachts, cruise ships, passenger ships, high-speed canoes, ...

From Vung Tau Marina tourist dock, Cano will take you across Marina Bay to Ngoc island tourist area, tourist area of about 20ha. Here you can visit the island with the pristine mangrove vegetation and many resident birds. In the middle of the island is a lake with a lot of saltwater fish, you can fish, boating, fishing, etc.; Especially, you can also enjoy the special dishes of the island made from seafood that is raised by the people and naturally caught around the island. Ngoc Island is very suitable for all people who love and explore nature. Ticket price is only VND 120,000 / person.

Other services

Vung Tau Marina is the ideal location for shooting couples, romantic scenes with yachts, sailing boats combined with charming sea mountains.
Have you ever experienced the feeling of floating on a poetic river bay with colorful catamaran boats and dropping your soul into the clouds of the water?
Vung Tau Marina restaurant specializes in organizing weddings, events, festivals, serving groups,...
Imagine the feeling of wandering on Song Dinh Bay at sunrise or sunset for fishing, anchoring to the beach, enjoying snacks ... Nothing found in this section