Vung Tau Marina is located in a beautiful position on Song Dinh Bay - Vung Tau City, on the opposite side of the bay is Long Son Island, in the distance are majestic mountains with blue sky, white clouds, decorated by colorful Catamaran sail boats make visitors surprised when coming here.
Coming to Vung Tau Marina, visitors have the opportunity to experience high-speed canoe tours made according to European standards to explore the West of Vung Tau City - The center of petroleum industry. and seaport bases serving the nation's largest and most modern oil and gas exploration and exploitation activities. Tourists are also surprised when in the heart of the coastal city of Vung Tau can find for themselves a peaceful, dreaming space and immerse themselves in nature when coming to Dao Ngoc Ecological Resort and Go Gang Homestay.
As a new jewel of Vung Tau city tourism, Vung Tau Marina with nature's favors combines the new travel service on the river by sailboat and Cano plus professional service style, The whole-hearted staff are increasingly affirming their attraction, highlights and features for visitors to Vung Tau City.