Marina was built on the bay we Song Dinh with airy space, the water in the Gulf of green, mellow waves. Seen from the other side Marina Bay Marina is Long Son Island and Go Gang, this is one of the new tourist attraction in the coastal city of Vung Tau.

Comes from Marina, tourists are excursions on the bay by canoe or sailboat 2 relatives (Catamaran). Sailing in the Gulf Song Dinh you admire the factory ships, the harbor, the manufacturing base of the Petroleum, visited the village on a river raft, watching the Go Gang Island and Long Son, seafood shopping fresh on Friendship village. Also you can recreational fishing, bathing her drop on the bay, so ...

On Marina, we also offer services such as Seafood Restaurant, Event and wedding receptions, coffee beverage, water games, training camps sailboat, moored boats kinds etc ... After the trip is finished, you enjoy the fresh sea food caught on River Bay restaurant at Marina Palace.

With mountain scenery, the bay, the sea with sails and yachts, Vung Tau Marina became a destination wedding photography, ideal model, you come here unleash your picture taken is not inferior to Europe.


To serve the needs of customers, Vung Tau Marina also sell boats, canoes and floating structures are manufactured using new technology materials imported directly from Europe, PPC resin. Customers can rent canoes for short-term use for personal purposes or organizations wishing to rent long-term. Marina also offers repair services, routine maintenance for ships and boats, marine equipment sale.

With professional service style and quality criteria set products and services on top, Marina is the trusted choice of partners, domestic and foreign customers. Credibility, cooperation and trust of customers is the driving force and honor to Marina strive for further improvement.