Marina Restaurant organizes Weddings, Events, Festival ...
Marina Restaurant with charm green space is pretty cool, fresh, traffic and convenient parking lots; Separate multiple VIP rooms, luxury ... will bring comfort, intimacy and meets the needs of customers.
Professional service team.
Wedding restaurant.
Events, Festivals, Birthday ...

The dishes are prepared with skilful hands, skillful professional chefs, has deep understanding about Vietnam cuisine as well as international. Raw materials for cooking fresh food is clean, certified to ensure food safety and the health of diners. We are working towards a new level of cuisine and entertainment. Therefore, customers can feel secure while enjoying the delicacies here.

Marina Restaurant is constantly working to provide the best service to our customers. Is the ideal place to organize conferences, seminars, events, parties, weddings, birthdays ... with many forms: Set menu, BBQ, buffet ... Please contact us to get these deals and gifts for customers.