Marina Sailing Centre

Imagine experiencing in a leisurely fashion at Dinh River bay at dawn or at nightfall in order to fishing, anchor, bathe, and enjoy snack food with family and friends. Everybody feels delighted and has a deep memory after a vacation. We provide for everybody safe products and high quality Catamaran sailboats. All only take a simple step and contact with our.

Marina regularly organizes Sailboat Racing so that you can enjoy a vacation with one of our partners and receive a lower price than others


It’s not important if you don’t know how to sail because we have professional instructors right here to instruct you. They are always beside you until you are expert in skills on the surface of water.

We design various courses and these courses meet various needs. For example, the one who is suitable for the way of visual learning will be taught by documents and drawing, the one who is suitable for the way of touch learning will be taught by boat clay model, and training on the surface of water. As a result, we bring to learners an efficient learning environment.

Taught logically, we are sure that you will get a lot of skills during learning. With an emphasis on boat handling, you'll soon be ready to drive alone.


A member can design schedules for using sailboat – 24/7

High quality sailboats and professionally managed

Depend on kind of membership card, price for each kind is different

We are ready to serve you boats anytime

We links to international and domestic sailboat centers that getting high standard so that we have willingness to share the best techniques and documents to you.

We leads you to skills in order that you feel powerful when sailing sailboats at bay or sea.