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Vung Tau has many places for playing, "living virtual" along the coast, but Marina marina is still a prominent name despite being recently put into operation. The "specialty" of Marina marina is to travel by canoe and sail boat. In addition, there is nothing here that makes people "fever" so much?
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Vung Tau Marina does not seem strange to Vung Tau people and tourists because it owns a marina in the perfect position: located on Song Dinh Bay (Marina Bay) with fresh air, launching views over the bay are Go Gang and Long Son islands.
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Nếu đã lâu rồi bạn chưa ghé Vũng Tàu thì hãy lên kế hoạch đi thôi, bởi Vũng Tàu vừa có thêm bao nhiêu điểm đến đẹp, chụp hình cực ‘ảo’ và bến du thuyền Marina là một trong số đấy.
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Vung Tau, it is impossible to make people 'love at first sight' like dreamy Dalat or romantic Sapa. Vung Tau makes people loved by such small and lovely things, the more they rediscover the more beautiful memories. Having Vung Tau tourism, contemplating with the heart of a traveler who loves the beauty of the sea, can find the beauty of the coastal city of the South East. Not too flashy like Saigon, nor quiet as the city of thousands of flowers, Vung Tau keeps me young in the youthful and gentle nature of the ocean girl. For people to go, go forever, then suddenly lost somewhere in the countless destinations in Vung Tau, accidentally forgot the way back.
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Dubbed "the new pearl of Vung Tau on the Dinh River", Marina marina is a favorite tourist destination. Below is the information of entrance ticket price for marina marina in Vung Tau.
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Coming to Vung Tau, you should not miss visiting and taking photos at Vung Tau Marina.
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